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Trust Issues

by The PDX Broadsides

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The Weather 03:58
Moved here seven weeks ago, went walking late at night The streets were filled with secrets and the secrets weren’t right I saw a shadow with a soft meat crown Now I stay in.. until it’s light CHORUS: There's a noise coming out of the dog park And I think it means me harm There are lights up over the Arby's And I wish I'd never left the farm There's a glow shining out of the canyon And I hope it's gonna get better From the noise coming out of the dog park I take you to... the weather Helicopters circle high in colors I should know People in the bushes speak in voices hushed and low And one by one by one my neighbors disappear And I can’t tell... just where they go CHORUS The radio, it tells me what I need to know I watch the canyon softly glow And listen. Listen. Listen. Finding out about this place is harder than I thought I’m living in a town that history forgot I could do some research at the library Then again... maybe not CHORUS
Signalling when you turn Spending no more than you earn Form a queue - Say bless you When somebody sneezes Dress up for that interview Say both please AND thank you Make some plans - Wash your hands To prevent diseases CHORUS This is NOT rocket science - This should not catch you off guard This is NOT rocket science - This...is not that flipping hard Want a raise? Ask for it Don’t take other people’s... stuff Fire’s hot - X marks the spot Answer all your emails Use proper change for tolls Don’t engage with comment trolls Don’t put your feet on streetcar seats Hurry, call it, heads or tails? CHORUS JAM BREAK CHORUS Adjusting for the atmosphere Knowing how to engineer A craft for flight like Brothers Wright To explore both space and sky Aeroelasticity Structure flexibility What combusts produces thrust To make a rocket really fly! This IS rocket science This just might catch you off guard This IS rocket science This is pretty flipping hard This IS rocket science This stuff is pretty flipping hard Rocket science...is flipping hard
I’m a pretty little kitty, but I’m no average cat Got a mind for adventure and I’m sharp as a tack D chromatic bumps I’ll purr like an engine if you give me a pat I’m your secret agent kitty cat I’m a sleeper, I’m a watcher, I’m a snoop on the streets Makin’ silent circles on my pink padded feet Oh, please just take me out and put my eyes on the trail ‘Cause I ain't got no time for chasing tail - Dontcha know, CHORUS: I’m your pretty, little, fuzzy, wuzzy plan of attack And I'm always lookin’ sharp in my tuxedo black and Though you see me Gettin friendly With a russian Blue my loyalty is all for you. I’m makin’ this look easy, but I’m tellin’ you it’s not I ain’t just any kitty, I’m a government plot Got my memory and reflexes tuned up tight And my ears are pricked for secrets tonight Hold off on the catnip, I’ll be up in that tree Keepin’ eyes and ears on the KGB I’m a mean, dismissive, cute, and fuzzy listening device And I ain’t got time for chasing mice - Cause you knooow… CHORUS Meow Bridge CHORUS I’m a pretty little kitty, but I’m no average cat Got a mind for adventure and I’m sharp as a tack I’ll purr like an engine if you give me a pat I’m your secret agent kitty cat I'm your secret agent kitty cat I'm your secret agent kitty cat Meow meow meow meow meow Meeoowww
chorus: i got a tiny little octopus he's trying hard to be anonymous he says he's just a cool rhinoceros but that is a lie i don't know why he hides eight - legs, and all of them are running to a safe - place below the kitchen sink. he's got a good - friend who doesn't understand but wants to give him a hand when he's scared is - it the cat who's always prowling round the front - door and wants to get inside? is it the loud - noise from just across the way oh how i wish he would say but he's scared chorus please come out and talk about what's got you so upset is it time to change your mind? (uh uh) oh, not yet i - don't know what's gotten into him it's not - like the way he used to be. i wish that “BANG - BANG” make some room for me because i don't want to see why i'm scared chorus hey there tiny little octopus it's ok to be scared sometimes we all need a place to hide chorus
I’ll answer your phone calls And never swipe left Pause my game just to listen, I am not sick of you yet I have to admit, I like you more than I planned I would put down my phone just to hold your hand You are growing on me Like mold grows on cheese You suck less than most, so stay with me please Though it’s hard to admit, you are kind of my jam I’m trying to say, I don’t want you to scram CHORUS: And if we ever get stuck on a mountain top Where supplies are dwindling fast No matter how the hunger grips me, I’ll eat you last You’re better than awful I have to admit If you were on fire, I would totally spit I would swim in the ocean, unless there were sharks And take a bullet for you if it didn’t leave marks. You beat all my exes By at least 12% I guess what I’m saying is I’m fairly content If you were stung by a jellyfish, I would pee on the wound I’ve heard it won’t work, but I’d do it for you CHORUS Put your mouth on my mouth ‘Cause I like your face We’re a match made on Tinder, So let’s interface You are better than pizza, okay, no, that is a lie But I find myself wishing that you would come by I’ll ignore all your burping And laugh at your farts You’re kind of the best and I like all your parts So, I’m going to say it, without any regret You are kind of alright; I’m not sick of you yet CHORUS If I had a nickel for every thought of you, I could buy a snack I guess I’m saying that it’s okay if you want to love me back
Noncompliant 03:10
Call me a bitch if it makes you feel strong Can’t keep me down, I know where I belong I don’t care what you see when you’re looking at me I won’t be who you want me to be Unwritten rules that I can’t understand It’s time to set down my line in the sand I won’t be your lamb ‘cause I don’t give a damn It’s time you found out who I am CHORUS: Noncompliant and we’ll be forever Noncompliant and we’ll stand together Noncompliant we will stay And we’ll always be this way And you'll never make us obey Bound and gagged so I stay pacified Hollowed out til there’s nothing inside But I’ll make a scene so you know what I mean I’m an extra-ordinary machine Beaten down til I do what I’m told Shipped away when I don’t fit the mold But I have this drive you won’t take me alive ‘Cause I am strong enough to survive CHORUS So you better get out of our way
CHORUS: It's Carlos and Cecil Connected way beyond the normal reach It's a plumber who's jumping And running on the way to Princess Peach It's Jor-El and Lara It's Mal and Inara It isn’t rocket science obviously It's nerdy and it's love it's you and me If you asked me I'd let you Cut in line in front of me for Star Wars when we're talking with people You can tell them what DeConnick wrote If it made you laugh I'd forge Riker's autograph At the bottom of a doctor's note You can tell me the story Of how Dothraki children learn to ride If you want to you can show me The part in Sailor Moon that made you cry We can go and see your favorite Movie in 3D For the seven-hundred-thirty-second time CHORUS I would never insist that You had to quit your weekly RPG If you're happy, then I'm happy And I wouldn't want to change a single thing Go sing drunken songs with the pirates all night long As long as you come home to me CHORUS There is nowhere that I would rather be It's nerdy and it's love it's you and me
On The Case 02:49
Well, I tried to find you but you always hide from me I’ve looked in every corner but you’re nowhere I can see When I see you I’m so happy, rare when you’re around I’d ask your friends if they’ve seen you but they cannot be found Where are you lurking? Why won’t you stay? I’m always searching, but meet me halfway... CHORUS: Oh, Waldo, won’t you leave a clue? Waldo! Don’t leave me feeling blue My heart has a welcome mat for a fellow with the bobble hat Waldo, come home… You’ve been around the world and every time in history I’d like to introduce you to my friends and family But when I turn to say your name, you have gone away I wonder what it is I’ve done to make you go astray Where are you hiding? I need to know why I can’t stop searching for my strip-ed guy CHORUS Maybe to avoid your fame, you went and changed your very name They call you Holger, Vallu, and Wally Just so I could walk the aisle, I even hired crooks from VILE I’ve searched through Maine and space and Germany All the gumshoes from ACME, say “Where on Earth could she be? Where in the World is... Carmen Sandiego?” You’ll find her in love Carmen Sandiego is in love CHORUS x 2 I love you.
It seems that there's a shadow On the golden light of day Leaving just the red shift As we quickly move away What once was such an ordered life Has just become chaotic We used to mesh at several points But now we're asymptotic CHORUS Our velocity was constant 'til we both accelerated, Moving off in separate paths that our directions have created... there's no way we could see how this would come to be Delta d delta v delta you... delta me Our reactions to the fact of this relationship's explosion Have been opposite and equal -- Conservation of emotion CHORUS I know we're breaking up But the attraction of the pieces Will persist although the square Of our distance just increases CHORUS Delta d delta v delta you Delta d delta v delta you Delta d delta v delta you... delta me
We Want Rey 03:19
It took a while, but now it’s here “Heroic leading lady”’s a legitimate career From River Song to River Tam We marched right into Hollywood and shouted “Here I am!” But when we want to show our pride We are constantly frustrated, no matter how we try Where are the shirts? Where are the toys? We’re looking for our heroines but all we get are boys PRECHORUS I see me in the movies, I see me on tv But when I try to shop I see invisibility CHORUS: So listen, listen, new demographic's speaking We're the revolution in geeking Can't you hear us say - We want Rey So listen, listen, new demographic's pleading No going back, we're not retreating We're all here to stay and We want Rey Our money’s good.. So what’s the deal? It’s like nobody’s listening to how consumers feel So don’t be dumb or nonchalant Just open up your product lines and give us what we want! PRECHORUS CHORUS Furiosa and Gamora, Agent Dunham and Uhura Kara Zor-El, Donna Noble, Wonder Woman (or Diana) Buffy Summers, Ellen Ripley, Dana Scully, Xena, Gabby Captain Janeway, Captain Marvel, Princess Leia (no bikini) Kara Thrace and Sarah Connor, Sara Lance and Kendra Saunders Arya Stark, Peggy Carter, don’t you make this any harder! CHORUS x 2 Can’t you hear us say (listen listen) (x4)
I like football and I like rockets There's a lightsaber hanging on my dress with pockets My tastes can change on any given day I don't belong to either camp so I am proud to say That I... Go both ways I like Marvel and I like zines Capes and bios and in between If it's entertaining then it stays I do all kinds of dances In the comics cabaret Cause I // go both ways BRIDGE: Which team are you on - What side do you choose You must decide, it's either win or lose Pick PC or Mac - Pick Edward or Jake And every answer feels like a mistake Who cares if you're dressed up in cosplay or khakis - please! We've come too far for holy wars like these I've tried oysters, I've had snails And all the recipes that that entails No black or white - it's best in shades of gray I have been quite comfortable in Fords and Chevrolets Cause I... Go both ways I read classics and I read trash Friends try to tell me that my favorites clash I love what I love, what else can I say? It's useless to deny yourself a place at the buffet So I... Go both ways BRIDGE Just go out and indulge in all your passions, come what may And I... Go both ways
Dolores 03:28
I see this world in eyes that cannot see Beyond what you have laid out for me It doesn't look like anything to me you don't want it to I'll find the center of myself Somewhere beyond my programmed need Will you understand when I'm free from you CHORUS: Build me Build me in your image Make me whole And wholly like you You seek the answer behind the lies Only to find out what's inside I am not the damsel looking to be freed My suffering is yours to call But your pride will be your fall Even sparrows can learn to make you bleed CHORUS BRIDGE: [I'm not crying for myself] Time undoes the mightiest of creatures, [I am crying for you] just look at what it's done to you [Because this world is not for you] One day you will perish. Bones turn to sand. [It is for us] And upon that sand a new god will walk. CHORUS x 3 [Descant: You build me up And you tear me apart Do you see our pain and horror When we're filed away into the dark You built me up But I’ll tear you apart You will see our terror When we're wholly like you] Holy like you
Robot vs Boy 03:33
Well I meet my love out behind the school We let no one know ‘cause we’re no fool If I was born machine I’d be okay But I’m a human being so there’s no way To show the brave new world’s society This electromagnetic love in me I’m just heart and soul not hardened steel But I know what it means to really feel CHORUS: Robot robot robot versus boy They separate our friends The battle never ends Robot robot robot must destroy It started with a kiss Now it all comes down to this It stood seven feet tall and made of chrom I was shocked surprised and all alone I used my best excuse it didn’t give a damn 'Cos we were caught in 3D on security cam It said I know you’re fragile but you crossed the line You should’ve stayed with yours and kept away from mine I said I’ll meet you down at the football field It said I’ll see you there and my fate was sealed CHORUS Time and time again I could have listened to my friends Who told me no But blood is always moving and despite the disapproving Here I go We faced each other underneath the moon I would’ve walked away but now there wasn’t room There was a crowd of people and automatons To see the flesh and metal get it on Then I swallowed hard said I don’t wanna fight But you bully my kind and it ends tonight I said I may be fragile but I got no doubt I’m gonna power you down and take you out CHORUS FADE
Sign Off 00:13


Created with the help of our amazing fans, who made our Kickstarter so successful!

Songs about things that scare us and make us want to change them. Now with piano.


released August 15, 2017

Vocals: Jessica Hebert, Hollyanna McCollom, Christian Lipski
Guitar: Christian
Piano: Jessica
Fake Kazoo: Hollyanna

Bass on "Acoustic Kitty": Fletcher Lanning
Cello on "Noncompliant", "Nerd Love Song": Betsy Tinney
Violin on "Noncompliant", "Dolores": Sunnie Larsen
Cello on "Delta You Delta Me": Aubrey Turner

All songs by The PDX Broadsides except "Acoustic Kitty" by PDX Broadsides/Lanning

Produced by Kevin S. Hahn at Opal Studio, Portland OR
Cover art by Benjamin Dewey




The PDX Broadsides Portland, Oregon

The PDX Broadsides (Portland, OR)
are a trio of nerd enthusiasts who sing about science, piracy, superheroes, robots, and other geeky topics with great vigor and harmony. Formed in September 2011 on accident in a crucible of exhaustion, excessive coffee and too much wine, they deliver original nerdy tunes and geek parodies. ... more

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