Astronaut's Hymn

from by The PDX Broadsides



I’m leaving Earth behind today
But I promise, I will see you soon
They say we can cut time off the trip
If I slingshot ‘round the moon

And every star in every constellation
Spells the name that burns inside my heart
To keep me warm as I hurtle through space
Every moment we are apart

My spaceship is made of pure genius
The parts are curious and fine
They click so seamlessly together
Just like your hand and mine

And every planet in every solar system
Makes an orbit like a ring of gold
Like the one that shines on my finger
As I fly out in the black and cold

I know that my love for adventure
Sometimes brings you pain
And you watch and worry in wonder
At a frontier that we can’t explain

And our galaxy that spins on its axis
Reaching arms spiralling and wide
Sends your love in every particle transmission
So I feel you by my side

If ever the waves should go silent
My voice does not answer a hail
And all of their expert precision
Cannot find my trail

Every dial will be set to bring me homeward
Even if my last breath is through
For I will be where I loved best
If they bury me next to you

I’m leaving Earth behind today
But I promise, I will be home...


from Something's Rotten, released August 30, 2016
Viola, Violin: Sunnie Larsen



all rights reserved


The PDX Broadsides Portland, Oregon

The PDX Broadsides (Portland, OR)
are a trio of nerd enthusiasts who sing about science, piracy, superheroes, robots, and other geeky topics with great vigor and harmony. Formed in September 2011 on accident in a crucible of exhaustion, excessive coffee and too much wine, they deliver original nerdy tunes and geek parodies. ... more

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