by The PDX Broadsides



30 scientists, 1 book, and now, 1 song! Celebrating science as presented by Monkey Minion Press' successful "Eureka: The Art of Science" Kickstarter, we're honored to present this musical stretch goal in honor of some of the great people who help us understand and access the world around us.


“Eureka! Eureka!” Archimedes cried
And throughout all of history, from both far and wide
It’s a new discovery, they exclaim with pride
“Eureka! Eureka!” Science is applied!

Galileo Galilei said the world was round
Isaac Newton saw the math in apples falling down
Cuvier named pterodactyl and the mastodon
Mary Anning’s fossils moved the dinosaurs along

Darwin took his Beagle out to find the origin
Mendel crossed the genes of peas to see which traits would win
Ellen Richards pushed for better water, cleaner air
Marie Curie found particles were zooming here and there


Henrietta Leavitt made a ruler out of light
Einstein slowed down time with superluminary flight
Fleming’s penicillin cured a myriad of things
Noether gave us arithmetic thoughts on fields and rings

Hopper wrote the first compiler, long before PCs
Rachel Carson loved the earth and hated DDT
Turing broke the Nazi code and thought about AI
Mary Leakey found your grandpa’s bones at Olduvai


Rosalind Franklin had a way
With double helix DNA
We can’t thank her enough

The same would go for all the rest
The scientists who did their best
So we could know this stuff

Fossey’s work with primates was a mission with a risk
Sagan sent a message to the cosmos on a disc
Nikola Tesla helped to bring the light inside our homes
Faraday had ‘lectromagnetism in his bones

Planck used quantum theory to turn science into art
Mendeleev built a table from atomic parts
Polio was finished after Salk gave it a try
Merian found magic in a changing butterfly


Julian made medicine from plants of many kinds
Chandrasekhar postulated holes in space and time
Nettie Stevens’ chromosomes gave us X and Y
Brahmagupta worked with zero, now we say goodbye



released February 19, 2016
Music and lyrics: The PDX Broadsides
Art and design: Dane Ault and Ashlie Hammond (Monkey Minion Press)


all rights reserved



The PDX Broadsides Portland, Oregon

The PDX Broadsides (Portland, OR)
are a trio of nerd enthusiasts who sing about science, piracy, superheroes, robots, and other geeky topics with great vigor and harmony. Formed in September 2011 on accident in a crucible of exhaustion, excessive coffee and too much wine, they deliver original nerdy tunes and geek parodies. ... more


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