Schrodinger's Cat (live)

by The PDX Broadsides



This is an original song about a cat. A SCIENCE CAT. We like cats, we like science, it all made sense. It was written for a gig we did at a party and benefit for Cat Adoption Team (

If you want to learn more about Schrodinger's Cat, watch this video:

If you want to learn more about the Copenhagen Interpretation, read this:

Video available on YouTube!

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Schrodinger's Cat

Sometimes I think my life is crap
Wanna curl up in someone’s lap
I don’t want to be a paradox
When I could sleep all day and poop in a box

CHORUS: Am I alive or am I dead?
Is this the reason I've been bred?
Either way, it can be said
I'm still here

Forever alive and always dead
If you don’t look it’s on your head
A quantum paradox of dread
And yet, I’m still here

If I were Bucky Fuller’s cat
I’d sleep in a dome and I’d be cool with that
Nicola Tesla would scratch my ears
And not run me through with amperes

Spooky Action at a distance
Does not excuse this poor existence
Isaac Newton was totally wack
But he would still have probably had my back

Bridge: I'm more than just an adage, more than just a riddle,
my life is all a box and this kitty in the middle (repeat?)

Nobel would let me see the light
and I would say that he is dynamite
You say that it’s an exercise
To constantly question my demise


And now that I've been locked inside
I’ve no friend but this cyanide
As I watch atomic decay
I would rather you had me spayed


released November 14, 2012
Vocals: Jessica "Greta" Hebert, Hollyanna "Pottie" McCollom
Guitar: Christian "Scribbles" Lipski

Lyrics and music: C. Lipski, H. McCollom, J. Hebert
Cover picture for single by Dennis Glisson ( Cats from CAT Adoption Team in Portland, OR. No kitties were harmed in the making of this picture, though they were snuggled significantly because they were SO CUTE.


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