PDX Broadsides Christmas 2016

by The PDX Broadsides



Our Christmas single has a second side this year! Something for everyone from Grinches to Goblins.


released December 13, 2016




The PDX Broadsides Portland, Oregon

The PDX Broadsides (Portland, OR)
are a trio of nerd enthusiasts who sing about science, piracy, superheroes, robots, and other geeky topics with great vigor and harmony. Formed in September 2011 on accident in a crucible of exhaustion, excessive coffee and too much wine, they deliver original nerdy tunes and geek parodies. ... more


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Track Name: Humbug
The season’s upon us. it’s that time of year.
The snow isn’t falling, but red cups are here.
The lights along Burnside almost make it seem clean
And I only want one thing this Christmas, for me

Humbug with me, my darling, humbug with me.
I don’t feel like trimming the tree, or cooking a goose
So, come over baby and be my excuse
Let’s skip all the parties and weird Christmas beer
I’d rather stay in and watch Gremlins this year
So, humbug with me.

I don’t mean to whimper. or be such a bummer
But since when did Christmastime start in the summer?
And I know it’s festive, but can we agree
The cat box should not smell like cinnamon tea
So, let’s skip the whole jolly hullabaloo
I only want one thing for Christmas from you…


So, let’s skip the caroling and those ugly sweaters
Making a couch fort just sounds so much better
Pass me the popcorn and chuck all your woes
We will watch Die Hard and make fists with toes
I don’t need no egg nog, in case I’m unclear
I only want one thing for Christmas this year

Track Name: 'Tis a Gift to be Goblin
I’m the king of the goblins and I’ve heard your cries
And I’ve taken the baby that you so despise
In just a few hours I will make him my own
And he’ll live as goblin at the base of my throne

Dance then, wherever you may be
I am the king and I have your baby
Some come be my queen and put on this gown
I will be there for you as the world falls down

Oh, why do you whimper and why do you cry
I have moved all the stars and reordered the sky
Now, you may think I’m lying, but I swear that it’s true
Oh, my dear, all I’ve done, I have done for you


Through dangers unspoken and through hardships and lies
You have fought your way through, dear. much to my surprise.
Oh, please won’t you stay with me? Oh, let’s have a ball
If you stay here forever, that’s not long at all


Oh, fear me, and love me, and do as I say
Do all of this, dear and I’ll be your slave
You have run so far and you have run so long
But the babe will be mine before very long


Tis a gift to be goblin, tis a gift to be free
I assure you-you both are better off with me
But if you disagree, you shall be entrenched
in the unpleasant Bog of Eternal Stench


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